Andrew Yeoman

Andrew Yeoman
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Company: Concirrus

Andy is the founder and CEO of Concirrus that provides AI-powered platforms for insurance. Specifically, Concirrus tracks the behaviour of every commercial vessel and now every commercial shipment in the World in real-time and uses AI to predict claims and the costs of those claims.

In addition Andy is a non-executive director and investor in a number of businesses that have AI and technology at their heart across a range of industries including publishing, facilities monitoring, and transportation. In 2023, Concirrus was voted as the leading AI Analytics company in the insurance market and in 2020 Andy was voted one of the most influential people in insurance.

Andy loves a bit of competition and a big sports fan whether that be golf, cycling, swimming or running and you’ll find him most weekends in Hampshire covered in mud.

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