Marine Insurance Americas, 11 October 2023

Broward Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale, Miami

Located at 1950 Eisenhower Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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Welcome Address

Presenter: Daniel Creasey, Director, Cannon Events


Panel Discussion: Surveying Marine Warranty

This session will investigate the best practice on marine warranty surveys. We will ask what is being missed in the current processes, and what is leading to claims? Finally, we will explore the choice between classification and independent marine surveys in the US marine environment.

Moderator: Jarek Klimczak, Senior Risk Account Consultant Marine – Americas, AXA XL

Panelists: Capt. Rahul Khanna, Global Head of Marine Risk Consulting, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

Capt. Andrew Kinsey, Senior Account Engineer, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Sean Dollahon, Vice President – US Marine Manager, QBE International Markets


Panel Discussion: Learning from the Mistakes of the Past

This session explores recent claims, and the key learnings from those claims. We will provide some cases studies from events such as Hurricane Ian, and will also include a look at the excess liability market and why that is proving so challenging right now.

Moderator: Raul J. Chacon Jr., Partner, MG+M Law Firm

Panelists: Mark Engel, Corporate Vice President, RB Jones

Andrew Mackenzie, Marine Claims Adjuster, Atrium Underwriters

Efrain Sora, Vice President – Marine, Latin America and Caribbean, Navigators


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Presentation: Technology – A Positive Force

Using technology in a positive way, insurers are increasingly able to use data more precisely, firstly to manage underwriting appetite more carefully, and also to provide a better interface with existing systems. It is also enabling insurers to take on a wider range of risks, and to encourage insureds to manage those risks better. In this session, we explore those changing opportunities and ask clients what they want.


Presenter: Matthew Yeshin, Managing Director – Canada,  Marsh JLT Specialty


Presentation: Myth Busting in Latin America

Latin America is often seen as a challenging region, but in reality, there are massive opportunities, too. In this session, we consider what those opportunities look like for US insurers.

Presenter: Thiago Goncalves, Managing Director, Head of Marine and Cargo – Latin America and Caribbean – LAC, Marsh JLT Specialty


Fireside Chat: Blowing In On the Wind – Hurricanes Continue to Rattle the US

This session explores the impact of the 2023 hurricane season as well as the lessons learned from Hurricane Ian, which rattled the state of Florida in 2022. We will consider how the reinsurance markets view the latest state of play, and ask whether there is sufficient capacity for US marine business as fears rise that US hurricane losses could increase at least 10% due to changes in climatic activity.

Participants: Gina Hernandez, Assistant Vice President, Marine Product Leader – Eastern Territory, Greater Orlando, CNA Hardy

Lisa Rodriguez, Area Senior Vice President, Gallagher Global Brokerage


Lunch and Networking Break


Fireside Chat: Powering the Future Safely – Are Lithium Batteries the Answer?

The move towards renewable sources of power seems unstoppable. But with every emerging technology comes new risks for the insurance market and its clients. In this session, we ask about the latest developments, and how those might have a positive impact for the marine insurance market.

Participants: Capt. Randall Lund, Senior Risk Consultant, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

Todd Hohlweck, U.S Marine Industry Technical Leader, Marsh JLT Specialty


Panel Discussion: Problems that Simply Won’t Go Away – Misdeclared Cargo

Misdeclared cargo has been a long-running issue for insurers and their clients, putting vessels and seafarers at risk. Despite a concerted effort by their clients, insurers are still seeing too many claims as a result of this challenge. This session will delve into the latest claims trends, and ask whether best practices are paying off.

Moderator: Thomas Ptacek, Senior Vice President, Lockton Edge

Panelists: Capt. Jorge Pecci, Director of Marine Risk Engineering, National Cargo Bureau

Anna Cumming, Senior Claims Executive, NorthStandard


Panel Discussion: To Court, or Not to Court?

Marine arbitration is not always the first option in the US, but is becoming increasingly popular. In this session, we will explore the work underway to promote alternative dispute resolution locally, and consider why it is so much more popular in other parts of the world.

Moderator: Frank Sioli, Director/Shareholder, SioliAlexanderPino

Panelists:  Molly McCafferty, Co-Global Claims Director, The American Club

Darrin Kolbet, Senior Vice President, Senior Claims Advocate, Marsh JLT Specialty

Ricardo McQuattie, Global Claims Lead, CargoCorp

Michael Karcher, Esq., Chairman, Miami Marine Arbitration Council (MMAC)


Networking Break sponsored by SioliAlexanderPino


Fireside Chat: Navigating a Fine Line – ESG

New environmental legislation is emerging around the world, but in Florida, Ron DeSantis is of the opposing view. This session will look at how the marine market navigates between diametrically opposed views on ESG, and remains compliant in both the US and Europe. This sesion includes a look at how technology is playing its part in the sustainability conversation.

Participants: Frank Gonynor, Senior Claims Adviser/Lawyer, Gard North America

Johnny McCord, Chief Executive Officer, Loadsure


Fireside Chat: The Right Rule of Law

The choice of law provisions in insurance policies are often poorly understood, but the implications are huge in terms of claims quantum. This session will explore the latest case law in this area, as well as the differences between the US and Canadian or Latin American jurisdictions.

Participants:  Briton Sparkman, Partner, Chalos & Co, P.C. – International Law Firm

Rafael Diaz-Oquendo, Vice President, Regional Manager Latin America, UK P&I Club


Presentation: Salvage and the True Cost of ESG

for salvors, operating in a more ESG-compliant way can come at a huge cost. Does ESG consideration also impact the decision about whether to leave a vessel on the seafloor, or to attempt a costly wreck removal? And finally, we will consider the growing concern about the number of new fuels available and whether salvors can cope. 

Prersenter: Capt. Nicholas Sloane, Director, Resolve Marine


Close of Conference

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