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Tuesday 1st June



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Pre-Conference Focus Session: Cargo on Slow Turn to Profit?

According to the International Union of Marine Insurance, it appears the cargo insurance market is on the turn towards profitability, with signs that loss ratios are slowly improving. This session looks at the current state of the cargo insurance market and at the likely changes in the months ahead.

ModeratorJoseph Grasso, Partner, Wiggin and Dana

Panelists: David Fowler, Divisional Vice President, Great American Insurance Group

Bill Keogh, Senior Advisor, Concirrus

Johnny McCord, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Loadsure

Arturo Posada, Senior Vice President, Head of Marine, Liberty Specialty Markets – Latin America 

Isabelle Therrien, Senior Vice President- Canada (IUMI Cargo Chair), Falvey Cargo Underwriting


Welcome Address

Daniel Creasey, Managing Director, Cannon Events


Keynote Address: The State of the Market and the Latest Trends in the Marine and Specialty Classes of Business

Before building his storied career at RSA and Lloyd’s of London, Jon Hancock got his start as a marine insurance broker. Today, he is the Chief Executive Officer of International General Insurance at AIG and offers a unique perspective on the global insurance landscape of the marine industry.  Jon’s keynote address will examine the state of the market and issues likely to shape the future.  He will share his observations on trends driven by COVID-19 and extreme weather, new ways of looking at age-old risks in the current environment, and advancements in innovation poised to disrupt our approach to risk management.

Presenter: Jon Hancock, Chief Executive Officer – International General Insurance, American International Group, Inc.


Address: An Introduction to ALSUM

ALSUM aims to improve marine underwriting standards in Latin America by way of knowledge dissemination (information, discussions and education) and using the professional practices of the most advanced markets worldwide as reference, without neglecting the reality of the Latin American business environment.

Presenter:  Xavier PazmiñoPresident,  ALSUM and Vice President, Marine – LatAm, Chubb


Panel Discussion: Current Market Dynamics: Matching the Economics to the Risks

As the marine market hardens across the Americas, premium versus claims inflation is, as ever, a focal point. This session looks at how both the North and Latin American marine markets are adapting to a new operating environment. In the North, companies are de-risking and cutting lines. To the South, insurers are faced with increasing risks. A lack of market experience is emerging as a major problem across the Americas.

Moderator: Michael Pellegrini, Managing Director, North American Practice Leader, Marsh JLT Specialty

Panelists: Ronnie Adcock, Senior Vice President, Sedgwick

Sean Dalton,Executive Vice President, Head of Marine North America, Munich Re 

Michael McKenna, Chief Underwriting Officer, Falvey Insurance Group

Brian Murphy, Senior Vice President, Berkley Offshore

Xavier PazmiñoPresident,  ALSUM and Vice President, Marine – LatAm, Chubb


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Panel Discussion: Covid-19: Impact Rippling Across Marine Market

The impact of Covid-19 continues to rumble across the world unabated. In the United States, the new president has pledged to bring the pandemic under control, but what has and will be the impact going forward for the marine market? This session considers the challenges for the whole of the Americas including ships sent to unexpected places, authorities not wanting ships to dock, and welfare issues for crew who have been stranded on board or who are suffering with Covid-19. The impact is spreading to cargo lines, freight, demurrage and defence, and now also to ship building.

Moderator: Darin Miller, National Marine Manager, Sedgwick

Panelists: Richard Max Adler, Key Client Broker and Chief Commercial Officer, Atlantic Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers

Amílcar Spencer Fryszman, Member of Executive Board of CIST Brazil and Transport Solution and Risk Management Director, Seguros SURA (Brazil)

Leanne O’Loughlin, Regional Director Americas, Thomas Miller (Americas) Inc.

Michael Venturella, Practice Leader – Marine Group, Envista Forensics


End of Day One



Wednesday 2nd June



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Pre-Conference Focus Session: What’s in the Box?

Cargo insurers may slowly be returning to profit, however, claims still arise in certain areas. This session will look at everything from cargo theft to misdeclaration. It will consider new risks, such as carrying Covid-19 vaccines, but also older risks such those around warehouses, where hidden dangers continue to dog the claims landscape, and insurers faces serious accumulation risk.

Moderator: William Duval, Senior Marine Surveyor, EIMC

Panelists: Ian Lennard, President, National Cargo Bureau

Charlie McCammon, Vice President – Risk Consulting, Willis Towers Watson

John Miklus, President, American Institute of Marine Underwriters


Welcome Address

Daniel Creasey, Managing Director, Cannon Events


Panel Discussion: Making Technology Pay

New technology is hardly new these days, but the use of technology is becoming ever more innovative in terms of marine insurance. This session looks at the different ways technology can benefit the relationship between insurer and insured, through more precise pricing, greater transparency on data, and the development of dashboards to follow the trends and changes. It also considers the evolution of blockchain and potential developments in that arena.

Moderator: Matthew Yeshin, Managing Director Marine, Logistics and Transportation North America, Marsh JLT Specialty

Panelists: Andrew D’Alessio, Head of Ocean Cargo, Americas, AXA XL

Bill Keogh, Senior Advisor, Concirrus

Juan Carlos Martinez, Chief Executive Officer, Cargo Risk Corporation

Ronny Reppe, Chief Executive Officer, Noria Digital


Panel Discussion: Cyber Criminals Looming Large

Cyber criminals were quick to take advantage of the chaos created by the Covid-19 pandemic to strike at the heart of business. However, the marine insurance sector continues to work hard to combat the cyber-attackers and improve its own security, as well as that of its’ insureds. This session reviews the risks and opportunities for insurers, and takes a look at the requirements from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) that make cyber security part of safety management, with serious consequences for any failures. The session will consider the risks of a major breakdown in the global supply chain, and consider what cyber underwriters can do to limit their exposure to ransomware policies.

Moderator: Rosehana Amin, Legal Director, Clyde & Co

Panelists: Elisabeth Case, Managing Director, Marsh JLT Specialty

Robert Dory, GroupChief Executive Officer, Astaara

Lars Benjamin Vold, Managing Director, NORMA Cyber


Networking Break


Panel Discussion: Sustainability: How Green Can We Go?

Increasingly, all business interests are realising the absolute necessity to adopt greener principles. The Poseidon Principles and the Sulphur Cap are just two examples of concrete moves to become more sustainable, but what does this mean for marine insurers? Will there be a shift in trading patterns, cargoes carried or new demands relating to pollution? Indeed, can all insurers afford to support sustainability goals? Who will support smaller insurers? This session discusses the growing list of questions for both insurer and insured as the shipping sector changes its stance.

Moderator: Jean-François Bilodeau, Counsel, Borden Ladner Gervais

Panelists: Frank Gonyor, Senior Claims Advisor/Lawyer, Gard (North America) Inc.

Peter Malinowski, Executive Director, Billion Oyster Project 

Mike Unger, Director, Britannia Americas P&I LLC

Leonardo Morales, Head of Marine and Art – LatAm, Helvetia


Roundtable Discussion hosted by AdvantageGo: All Aboard for Data Analytics 

With the challenges around securing an increase in P&I premiums, reducing exposure in certain areas and static market conditions, insurers seek to drive premium growth and increase market share through portfolio diversification. However, are current platforms and systems fit for purpose and agile enough to enable insurers to improve risk profiling and add new lines of business and products? With many marine insurers operating on legacy platforms, they may be missing out on leveraging data assets and using analytics to improve underwriting decisions and risk selection. Data-driven decision-making is the new frontier for insurers. Today’s tumultuous economy demands insurers to rapidly respond to shifting market needs and assess risk regularly, and with real-time data. This session looks at how algorithmic-based underwriting drives underwriting profitability and efficiencies through using multiple sources of data to maximise data insights, spot new and emerging markets, cross-sell opportunities and consider new business models. We’ll also explore the level of confidence in the technology that underpins insurer’s underwriting decision making and workflows, now and in the future, and if companies are still investing enough to make a genuinely forceful change.

Moderator: Thomas Anderson, Director of Sales, AdvantageGo

Panelists: Susan Carr, AVP Technology & Operations, Great American Insurance – Ocean Marine Division

Drew Feldman, Head of Marine, CNA Hardy

Mike Karbassi, Chief Underwriting Officer, Corvus Insurance

Andrew Kinsey, Senior Marine Risk Consultant, Allianz

Vitor Ribeiro, Head of Data, AM RE Syndicate Inc.

Luke Wolmer, Senior P&C Analytics Manager, Swiss Re


End of Day Two



Thursday 3rd June



Delegates Join Online Meeting Using Credentials Provided at Registration


Pre-Conference Focus Session: A Fresh Wind Blowing Through?

The Biden-Harris Administration looks set to move forward with ambitious plans to develop its offshore wind industry. What does this mean for marine insurers in North America?

Moderator: Vincent Foley, Partner, Holland & Knight

Panelists: Ian Duthie, Director, North P&I Club

Dennis Smith, Vice President Global Marine and Energy Specialty, Guy Carpenter

Bin Wang, Senior Underwriter, Norwegian Hull Club


Welcome Address

Daniel Creasey, Managing Director, Cannon Events


Panel Discussion: Catastrophe – A Stormy Outlook

Whatever the debate on climate change, 2020 proved to be the warmest year on record spawning large numbers of hurricanes, many of which made land. In addition to that, the risk of floods, storms and other extreme weather events also appears to be on the rise. For marine insurers, the risks extend beyond the event itself to entire supply chains. This session considers some of the procedures that can help better assess risk and also reduce exposure in a more uncertain world along the entire marine chain.

Moderator: Leo Magrath, Managing Director, Guy Carpenter

Panelists: William Cho, Head of Weather, MatthewsDaniel

Bill Lang, Chief Underwriting Officer, Starr Marine

Sam Lucas, Senior Product Management Analyst, RMS


Panel Discussion: Loss Prevention – Reducing the Numbers

While large losses have been on the decline for marine insurers, smaller, attritional losses continue to beset the market. This session looks at the developments in mitigation tools for both insurers and insureds. These include better data and better transparency around claims as they emerge, improved weather alerts and near-miss information, and transparency on major cyber attacks.

Moderator: Paul Harman, Director, PHILA Loss Adjusters

Panelists: John Dolan, Deputy Loss Prevention Director, The Standard Club

Christopher Law, Vice President – Marine, Aon

Dr. William Moore, Global Loss Prevention Director, The American Club

Simon Van den Dries, General Manager, Spire Maritime


Networking Break


OnetoOne Discussion: International Group of P&I Clubs

In this intimate one-to-one discussion, Martin will sit down with Paul and ask him a series of questions on the following topics as they relate to the IG: Covid-19 IG performance, IG reinsurance, sustainability, IG consolidation, diversification and the future – what’s next for the IG and North P&I?

Participants: Martin Cook, Divisional Director – Marine, Ed Broking

Paul Jennings, Chief Executive, North P&I Club, Chairman, International Group of P&I Clubs


Panel Discussion: Smuggling and Fines

Protecting their vessels against drug traffickers can become a full-time job in certain parts of Latin America, as drug smugglers find innovative ways to smuggle their illegal cargoes via commercial shipping. For ship owners, the costs of preventative measures can be enormous, however the cost to both owners and their insurers of carrying an illegal cargo are even higher and can vary from crews being arrested and jailed and ships stuck in port to fines, as well as penalties for the ship owner. This session uses some recent cases as examples of what can go wrong, what can be done correctly and how insurers can support their clients.

Moderator: Jason Waguespack, Managing Director, Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith

Panelists: Guy Blackwood QC, Barrister, Quadrant Chambers

Claudia Botero-Gotz, Senior Lawyer, Gard

Ruby Hassan, Senior Claims Executive, Skuld

David Thompson, Investigator, Signum


Panel Discussion: Social Inflation – Feeling the Pain, Fueling the Claim!

Panel Discussion: The Underwriter of the Future

While claims costs may officially be limited to physical costs, there has been a growing trend towards inflated claims resulting from an emotional response to the event. Covid-19 appears to have accelerated this trend, which has been pushing the cost of claims ever upwards. Added to this, third party costs are also increasing the size of the claim. This session explores the ramifications of this trend in terms of excess liabilities and litigation risk, and discusses whether this trend is fueling the hardening marine insurance market.

Big data, internet of things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, asset tracking… In last few years we have heard, almost on a daily basis, these terms both in general and also applied to our marine insurance industry. But, how exactly will the advent of these ‘new technologies’ impact the role of the marine risk underwriter?


Moderator: Frederick W (Billy) Swaim III, Director, Partner, Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith

Panelists: Tony Cowie, Senior Vice President, Head of Ocean Marine, Swiss Re America Corporation

Peter Cridland, Vice President, TransRe

Molly McCafferty, Claims Director (Americas) – Senior Vice President, The American Club

Joe Valenza, Executive Vice President, EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

Moderator: Maria Fernanda Alonso, Vice President, Swiss Re andPresident, Alsum Cargo Committee

Panelists: Michael Burle, Head of Marine Division, Liberty Specialty Markets 

Daniel Revilla, Regional Head Latin America and the Caribbean, Lloyd’s of London

Axel Trauttenmiller, Senior Account Manager – Reinsurance Solutions, Aon Re


End of Conference


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